About Scope India Trust

It is a non-profit voluntary organization (earlier known as SATHIYAM SAHAYAM TRUST meaning “Truth Sharing Trust”) working for the welfare of deprived and differently abled with the mission of organizing them for peace and holistic development. It was established and registered under Trust Act in 1992 at Devadanapatti in Theni district. From the inception, it strived to strengthen Community Based Organizations through its Resource and Research Centre (R & R Centre) in collaboration with the Rural Technology Centre of Gandhigram Rural University. Recently, Based on its experience, it felt that it would be more appropriate if efforts are taken in the same fields with long term perspective and plan

To enable the children enjoy their basic right to survival, protection, development and participation. To promote alternative livelihood opportunities to families from the socially disadvantaged communities. To build the capacity of the communities and local self-government in disaster preparedness and management.

To facilitate home and community based Palliative care. To take up advocacy and networking for the realization of its vision and mission.

To establish and run training centers, demonstration plants and educational Institutions in pursuance of its vision and mission. To undertake action based research in its thrust areas. To Develop Community based development models for dissemination and replication To work in close association with corporate houses and development agencies in the realization of their social responsibility. To take up any other activities necessary for the realization of its mission.

Scope India Trust will focus on improving

Advocating for a national level law on violence against children prohibition in all forms of violences

Plan's work is not possible without the support of funding from individual,corportions,institutions,foundations and goverment agencies within India and abroad.

TIf you would like to learn more about the work plan does on a global level,be sure to visit the plan international website.